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Young People Reviews of Firebird Training’s Winning CVs DVD – First Steps to Getting an Interview

Olivia was given a copy of Inspired Youths/Firebird Training’s DVD, ‘First steps to getting an interview’ to watch so she could create her CV. This is her review of the DVD.

“After watching the DVD on creating a CV it has helped me realise a series of different things. Being a student, from GCSE Level there is always guidance towards your future pathways, but nonetheless sometimes it can be particularly challenging making it applicable to you. It can be hard knowing where you want to go in life, and distinguishing your desires and ambitions and making them a reality whilst tackling the obstacles in the way.

I realised it’s key to focus on your key strengths as an individual, listing your hobbies, interests and achievements so far in school and out of school (such as work experience). Being a teenager, it’s easy to think of the things you’re not good at and weaknesses, as opposed to strengths, but you have to be honest with yourself as everyone has their strengths and skills, and it is important to highlight them to a potential employer.

It is also key to know what goals you have for the future, and what you are going to need to do to achieve them. Of course, no one at a young age knows EXACTLY what they want to do, but it is good to gather a clear idea of what you want to achieve based on the things you enjoy and are importantly good at.

Lastly, it is essential to focus on breaking down your obstacles in front of you. Things will not be given to you on a plate, and will not be solved without being looked at, so by writing down and identifying the challenges ahead of you it is more likely you will achieve exactly what you want.” Olivia

George will need to CV when he starts to approach employers for his work placement so Firebird Training’s Inspired Youths gave him a copy of ‘First steps to getting an interview’ to help him create his CV. This is his review of the DVD.

“After watching the DVD supplied, it helped me to figure out my strengths and weaknesses, which helped me to write my CV so it will encourage an employer to read it based on a first glance. It shows what I am good at. On my CV I have included my hobbies, interests, my previous jobs and work experience and history of my education with grades.

I have asked family to write on my mind bubble (a worksheet on the CD that I printed out) to display my strengths and talents, which helped me put together a collection of my achievements which I have displayed on my CV. For example, I am an independent learner, a good listener, and work well in teams, all of which will appeal to an employer when handing out CV’s and gaining interviews.

The DVD also helped me figure out a clear career goal for later on in life as it puts it in a simpler form. It has made me write down things that I can achieve with the knowledge I already have. For example I am good at Maths which will assist me in my path to becoming an accountant. It will also help me channel the things I am good at into a career I can enjoy and benefit from.

This also helped me to work out the obstacles in front of my future accolades, such as finishing school, GCSE’s and achieving the grades I need to help me into a successful career path. By breaking down these obstacles and successfully completing them (such as exams) I will be on my way for my desired job and future.” George

Lily did not know how to create a CV so Inspired Youths/Firebird Training gave her a copy of ‘First steps to getting an interview’ to help her create her CV. This is what she had to say about the DVD.

“After watching the DVD it is much easier for me to write my CV than it was before. Having young people speaking on the DVD was good because younger people can relate to them. The video has been put together well by allowing the students in the DVD to show qualities in themselves and you go away taking something from that. By watching the DVD and writing on the worksheets on the CD at the same time really helps. Overall I found students and adults can benefit from this DVD.” Lily

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