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Deciding on which subjects to study for GCSE

“My name is Lily and I am currently studying at Blackfen School for girls. At the moment I’m learning main subject’s Maths, English, Science and others. I have not picked my options yet, but I’m thinking of taking cookery, media studies and photography.

I like these subjects, photography lets me express who I am and what I do, like if I’m out with my friends I will try to take as many spontaneous snaps as possible. I also enjoy media because … it is a mix of learning, how to sell something, using adverts in magazines, television etc., and creating stories and seeing how authors buy the readers attention.

I have asked my Mum for advice but also my Dad and Grandad had a bit of input but not much. I think not knowing what I want to do when I am older set’s me back but also gives me an advantage.

As well as school I like doing things with my friends, like going out to parties and outings. Fashion also catches my eye with what comes in and out and who is wearing what. Music is a big part of my life I mainly listen to R’n’B but I’m open to any types of music and like it all, apart from really heavy metal rock as I feel like my ears are going to fall off.

There has been issue’s deciding my options. My school told us we would not be picking our options ourselves that they were choosing them for us. These were: French Geography/History and one of our choices.

It works out to be roughly 15 GCSE’s including my option. They have also included a twilight option which is basically studying another subject of our choice 2 days after school every week for 1 hour and I am considering doing this because of the subjects I am doing would not have been my choice.

This caused uproar with students and parents. So calling them my options was silly because I was not getting any option. When we were not allowed choice of our own I spoke to a lot of girls who all said the same, that they were angry and frustrated. I asked my friends their opinions and this is what they said…

Chloe said “I felt we should get more option as they were called OPTIONS!”

Molly was “Annoyed because it wasn’t fair, they are not the ones studying them for the next 2 years.”

Emily commented “I wasn’t overly bothered as I knew it would help me in the future.”

Maddy said “It wasn’t our option anymore it was the schools, or who ever made this choice.”

I think the same as most of my friends as it was not fair. From my point of view not knowing what I want to do or be when I am older doesn’t affect anything. Just doing things that I enjoy and will be doing, for mainly the rest of my life. But by others making decisions for me it’s like people choosing my life path and guiding me in ways I do not want to go.

At this stage in school our choices have changed yet again and after protesting about not having our own free choice the school caved in and gave us our rights to our GCSE choices. There are pro’s and con’s to this because picking your options is difficult because your picking the street we go down, but its nicer than having no option at all and having someone picking the street you go down for you.

When we got our options back 80% of girls chose the baccalaureate anyway which consists of French Geography or History which we were made to take originally!

Making my decision will be tough. Scary stuff picking my path in life.

What issues are you facing when deciding on your GCSE options?