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Balancing school work with out of school activities

George is 14 and goes to Darrick Wood School in Orpington. He has already chosen geography, ICT, Business Studies and French for his GCSE options. George tells about balancing school work with out of school activities.

“I think it is important to prioritise school work with outside of school activities. I think it is important to spend time with friends and family because I have fun with them and joke around and enjoy socialising.

I do however think studying is important and think there should be a school life balance so you’re not always doing one thing. I do like going on my PS3 as it means I get to play with my friends and I also enjoy the games on there because they show my interests, such as football.

The only problem with doing things such as karate and riding my bike are they do take up a lot of time and take dedication and a lot of practise, which I sometimes find hard to balance.

Studying also helps me get my good grades which means I am put in the right sets for my GCSE’s which are important as qualifications.

When I am with my friends, there are lots of places to go such as Bromley, the park, their house but there could be more places to go for people my age, such as youth clubs. Although I can go to these places, there are not that many other places within the area in which I live without having to go out of the way on buses or trains.”

How do you balance your school work with out of school activities?