Young Entrepreneurs

Got an amazing idea and want to launch your own business?

“It has been an amazing experience to be able to work with Alison. She was extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping me set up my business. I have learned so much from her and gained some truly entrepreneurial skills. I understand a lot better how a business should function daily.” Lucy


Young Entrepreneur Business Start-Up Coaching may not be for everyone, that’s why I always offer an initial 20 minute phone consultation for free so you can see if you think it is for you.

And don’t worry, you are under no obligation to purchase the service after this call.

To book your complimentary 20 minute Phone or Skype Consultation to discuss your business idea, fill in the form below.

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Turn your business idea into a reality in 3 months!

Business coaching and mentoring strengthens your entrepreneurial skills so you can get your new business idea off the ground quickly.

You may well come across hurdles that your experience doesn’t allow you to deal with easily. This is where being personally coached and mentored at each stage of your business start-up will keep you on track, motivated and get your idea to market in the quickest possible time ensuring your success.

Having experienced the pitfalls of staring my own business some years ago, I am well aware of the time and money I wasted on not knowing what I needed to do. It would have been great to have someone there to have as a sounding board or give me advice on getting my business started.

Want to avoid months of frustration and thousands of pounds spent incorrectly?

These experiences have enabled me to build up extensive business knowledge and resources I share with my clients to ensure they do not experience the same challenges. What’s more important is that the advice and support I provide applies directly to your business and your goals. I also act as a sounding board and keep you accountable to your action plans as you progress.

If you would like my help to get your business off to a flying start, take a look at my TAKE ACTION & Launch your business in 3 months! coaching package.

You get…13 weeks of focused one-to-one coaching to get your business off the ground.

The coaching programme includes:

  • 4 weeks of phone or Skype POWER HOURS or face to face if you can get to Tunbridge Wells in Kent, where together we start to turn your business vision into a reality. We put together a plan and do the necessary preparation to get you started.
  • This is followed by 9 weeks of BUSINESS SUCCESS Sessions to implement your plans and take action.
  • Over the 13 weeks you complete weekly online Take Action sessions which keep you accountable and to task to ensure your actions are followed through.
  • Once a month you attend GROUP MASTERMIND SESSIONS (held across Kent & Medway) which run for half a day and give you the opportunity of getting additional help and advice from other business mentors and fellow young entrepreneurs.

Click here to find out more or fill in the form opposite for your complimentary Business Start-up Consultation.