Workshops for Schools

Workshops and Programmes delivering Impartial Careers Advice and Positive Progression Evidence for Ofsted Inspections, and Primary to Secondary tranisition activities for children

Academic and personal progress

M.A.G.I.C. leads to positive outcomes

Young people who are in touch with who they are, learn to respect themselves and in turn learn who others are and respect them. By raising the young person’s awareness of their own behaviour it invites them to take responsibility and ownership of that behaviour.

The sessions assist in creating environments where a young person can establish their identity, values and beliefs and discover their vision/goals for their future.


“The methods of coaching employed certainly initiated success in terms of academic and personal progress. The pupils’ who had previously portrayed an anti-school culture and were underachieving academically, are now displaying a much more positive outlook. This is manifested by their behavior and actions, both in and out of school. GCSE results are on target and there is a desire to become involved in all school events, including residential visits.” P.A. Wallace, Head of Upper School.


Who delivers M.A.G.I.C. sessions?

Alison Mannell is Enhanced CRB checked, Child Protection trained, adheres to The Coaching Academy Safeguarding Children Policy and has an awareness of Youth Legislation.  She works within the guidelines policy and procedure in relation to working with children and young people.

She has directly worked with children and young people for over seven years and is a qualified Youth Development Coach through The Coaching Academy, Europe’s leading coach trainer. She assists young people to discover who they are (The work force of tomorrow), moving young people towards success, ownership and responsibility of themselves and their future.


Supporting your students onto positive destinations

M.A.G.I.C. helps students aged 11-15 of all academic and vocational abilities develop a full range of employability skills, and offers you valuable evidence to demonstrate you are supporting your students onto positive destinations in preparation for any Ofsted inspection.

What is M.A.G.I.C.?

M.A.G.I.C. is a Youth Development programme that helps your students identify and release their true potential to achieve sustainable results and outcomes, complementing formal education and learning.

It gives them an insight into effective communication and interpersonal skills. Helps with self-development, increases self-esteem, self-awareness, goal achievement and encourages the qualities that make young people highly employable.

M.A.G.I.C. is delivered over a series of 6 sessions best run weekly over one term for continuity and  fits in with your pupil development activities, PSHE & Citizenship and Career & Life skills lessons.

The programme includes 6 workshops. Each session is 45 minutes to an hour in duration depending on the age and abililty of the group.

Workshops include:

Session 1: Introduction to the programme.

  • This session is to enable the students and Trainer to get to know each others. Students are also made aware of different listening styles to help further their learning.

Session 2: Getting your students motivated.

  • Students gain an understanding of the importance of values. They identify their own values and their impact, these have on their world, thus developing an understanding of motivation.

Session 3: Positive behaviour in the classroom & wider community.

  • Helping your students tounderstand different behaviours and how their beliefs are formed to show how negative / positive beliefs impact on their attitude and behaviour.

Session 4: Importance of goal achievement in study and life.

  • Your students gain anunderstanding of what is involved in Goal Achievement and the importance of setting goals and writing action plans. They identify transferable skills that will help them achieve their goals.

Session 5: Using initiative to bring out the best in your students.

  • Students recognise how to bring out the best in themselves and others using a simple coaching model.

Session 6: Achieving success through confident communication.

  • Students learn the importance of building rapport and ways in which rapport can be achieved. They get to understand why listening is a part of communication and how to respond rather than react to events/situations.

How much does it cost?

  • For all six sessions with a maximum of 10 students per programme, including work folders and all materials – £1,700.

  For further information fill in the form below or call Alison on 01892 549651



When are YouCan Summer Camps being run in 2013?

  • 29th July to 2nd August 2013 Tonbridge, Kent
  • 5th August to 9th August 2013 Maidstone, Kent
  • 12th August to 16th August 2013 Gravesend, Kent
  • 19th August to 23rd August 2012 Sittingbourne, Kent

Where do YouCan Summer Camps run?

  • Hosted in schools and organisations premises.

How many young people can attend each YouCan Summer Camp?

  • Up to a maximum of 30 young people per summer camp.

Who runs YouCan Summer Camps?

  • Alison Mannell – a qualified experienced Youth Personal Development Coach and Director of youth coaching company Firebird Training Inspired Youths.
  • Andy Brading – an experienced deliverer of personal and employability skills training to school students, and a Director of education-business consultancy AB Consulting.

What are the outcomes?

Participants will gain:

  • A vastly improved understanding of their own attributes and abilities.
  • Improved self-confidence, self-motivation and focus leading to higher attainment and achievement.
  • Improved attendance at school.
  • Increased ability to listen effectively and communicate with others.
  • The ability to work with others to solve problems and present themself in a positive way.
  • A set of tools and resources to enable them to make new friends easily.

How much does it cost?

Summer Camps run with a minimum of 15 children. The more children that attend, the cheaper it becomes per child. Why not get together with other schools and host a YouCan summer camp on your premises to reduce the cost?

Host the summer camp in your school and get two places FREE. Book before the 30th February 2013 and get 10% off per place booked.

Guide to cost per child

Number of children at   summer camp

Cost per child per week

10% off per child if places are booked before 30th Feb 2013

If a maximum of 30 children attend

£141.66 per child

£127.50 per child

If 25+ children attend

£170.00 per child

£153.00 per child

If 20+ children attend

£212.50 per child

£191.25 per child

If a minimum of 15+ children attend

£283.33 per child

£255.00 per child



YouCan Summer Camp transition activities

Making the transition from primary to secondary school, is a time when Ofsted research shows performance can take a significant dip. The move from Year 6 to Year 7 means a number of major changes for all children. YouCan summer camp helps children make this transition effortless.

When some children start secondary education they can find it overwhelming and hard to make new friends. The first few weeks are critical for a child to develop friendships, and poor preparation can result in a lasting damage throughout the rest of their school years.

Moving into a bigger school environment can leave some children feeling anxious which can lead to panic, having a knock-on effect on their performance.

YouCan Summer Camp improves childrens’ numeracy and literacy and is especially useful to disadvantaged pupil premium pupils during their transition from primary to secondary school.

As any teacher knows, secondary education children have to get used to having different teachers for subject specific lessons. They get greater volumes of homework and need to develop greater organisational skills quickly and start to work towards deadlines. They may have to travel to school on their own and make independent decisions on career choices at a time when they may not see they have many strengths.

Typically they have to acquire certain life skills very quickly to fit in which include such things as:

  • Negotiating their way around school.
  • Making new friends.
  • Remembering the names of their teachers.
  • Getting used to different teaching and learning styles.
  • Learning and adhering to school rules.
  • Taking responsibility for their school books and equipment and not losing it.
  • Organising their own work and managing their own timetable.
  • Learning and juggling new subjects.

YouCan summer camp addresses these challenges in a fun and creative way. Pupils learn by making things, working in groups to solve problems and in the process make new friends.

A week with the YouCan team inspires children through innovative coaching techniques which build self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence, enabling them to transition from primary to secondary school more easily.

The week is full of fun activities focusing on getting children motivated to look on school as a positive experience and give them confidence when meeting new people.

YouCan activities improve aspirations, attitudes to learning and attendance levels and give children the tools to be great communicators, positive achievers and team players.

YouCan Summer Camp includes 5 days of activities focusing on:

Day 1 – Getting to know yourself and how you fit in with others

  • Day one gets them to start thing about their dreams and why getting an education will help them to achieve these things.
  • They start to find out what makes them tick and how this will enable them to fit in with other people.
  • They resolve any issues they may have to being happy at their new school.
  • By working in groups they get to know other quickly which will help with integrating into their new class.
  • The activities focus them on getting motivated to enjoy their learning experience at school as a positive one.

Day 2 – Effective communication so you can work with others

  • Today’s activities demonstrate to them the effectiveness of working with others to get things done quickly.
  • They learn how to communicate effectively and clearly to enable them to work collaboratively with a group of new people.
  • They work in smaller cohesive groups to hit deadlines to prepare them with targeted school coursework and homework.

Day 3 – Getting your thoughts and ideas across

  • We help them to understand the concept of effective listening, communication and problem solving through discussion and activities. They carry out a group research project where they produce a video advert.

Day 4 – Creative thinking, approaching things in a different way

  • On day 4 we get them thinking outside the box to enable them to approach their homework and course work in a more interesting way. We continue developing their problem solving skills in new groups with a creative project giving them a project brief to get them ready for group coursework assignments. The risk taking quiz at the end of the day helps to prepare them for making choices and weighing up the risks of their decisions.

Day 5 – Bringing it all together – confident presenting

  • On the last day the continue working in teams to consolidate their learning experiences of the week in a Young Apprentice activity which they present to an interview panel.

Certificates are given to every participant and a full evaluation report is available.

For further information contact Alison Mannell on 01892 549651 or fill in the form for further information.



Workshops to positively progress your students

“The students have shown improvement in their work since they started on the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. programme and I have only heard positive things”. Richard Haupt, Assistant Head Teacher – Angley School

“I thought that the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. programme was really good and has helped me a lot. Before I wouldn’t of had a clue what to do during an interview and would be very nervous but now I feel quite confident.” Stacey


Benefits of A.C.H.I.E.V.E. to…

Schools & Teachers:

  • Learners are better prepared for the world of work.
  • Improved behaviour in lessons.
  • Improved conduct in school and local community.
  • Positive impact on progression of learners.
  • Evidence for future Ofsted inspections on how you positively progress your students not continuing onto FE or HE destinations.

Parents & Carers:

  • Young people are engaged in positive activities in a safe place.
  • Activities can be shared with siblings and parents/carers.
  • Improvement in self-image leads to more positive behaviour.
  • Motivation to gain employment takes the pressure off of parents to support their children.

For the community:

  • Reduction in nuisance and low level crime.
  • Involvement of young people in volunteering and community service projects.
  • Improved image of young people.
  • Young people valued as a resource for community development.

For Local Authorities:

  • Delivery of National strategies.
  • Impact on the reduction of NEET figures.
  • Improving the life chances of all young people.

Moving your students onto positive destinations – A.C.H.I.E.V.E. in the world of work

A.C.H.I.E.V.E. focuses on Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students. It is particularly useful if you have a group of students who have decided not to carry on into the 6th Form or go to University as the programme helps them to develop a full range of employability skills. It is a way of delivering independent careers advice and offers you valuable evidence to demonstrate you are supporting your students onto positive destinations in preparation for any Ofsted inspection. It is suitable for any size group and can be delivered to whole year groups.

What is A.C.H.I.E.V.E.?

It is a programme to develop the skills in your students that make them highly employable. It helps them to explore what they want to do in the future, identify their goals, set realistic targets and produce a powerful CV and application letters that sell their personality, skills and abilities to employers.

They receive practical advice and support from experienced recruiters throughout the day on applying for jobs, preparing for interviews as well as developing valuable work skills.

It increases their confidence and belief in their talents, raises self-esteem, gives them insights into opportunities and progression routes other than college or university and encourages the qualities that make them highly employable.

A.C.H.I.E.V.E. is delivered over a day in the following sessions:

  • Setting realistic goals for the future and exploring career paths.
  • Creating a C.V. that get interviews and writing applications that get noticed.
  • How to search for opportunities, contact employers and set up your own business.
  • Preparing for interviews, interview practice, personal branding and creating a sales pitch.
  • Employer expectations.

We either come to your premises to deliver the sessions to your students or train your staff so they can deliver it themselves time and time again.

How does it fit into the curriculum?

It can be used as part of Enrichment days, Citizenship lessons, PHSE lessons or in Career and Life Skills lessons or we can come and train your staff on how to deliver it to their students on an Inset day.

What are the student outcomes?

  • Students have greater confidence, improved communication and listening skills, social and Life skills, self-management and develop good habits for learning.
  • Leading to students improved punctuality and greater participation in lessons.
  • Their behaviour towards others improves, they broaden their horizons and have higher aspirations.
  • It removes personal barriers and increases goal attainment, employability and engagement with employers.
  • They have a better ability to visualise a positive future.
  • This results in them having a greater chance of securing employment and making the most of opportunities in their life.

How much does it cost?

  • For any size group up to a whole year group for one day – £900.
  • The full A.C.H.I.E.V.E. programme is 2 days.

To find out more about how your students can benefit from A.C.H.I.E.V.E. fill in the form below or contact Alison Mannell on 01892 549651


Thomas Education Behaviour and engagement of challenging pupils

A Thomas PPA assessment enables young people to build self-awareness, enhance feelings of self-worth and boost confidence resulting in improved performance, attainment and behaviour in the classroom.

The assessments can be used to help teachers understand the behavioural preferences of students and help them to engage and communicate with even the most challenging of students more effectively.

In a recent case study GCSE results improved by 10% and overall behaviour by 90%!

“The impact of the assessments was huge, with a reduction of over 90% in external exclusions, internal inclusions, removals from class and negative referrals.” Andy Watts, Assistant Head. 

You can choose from a range of programmes for individuals or groups of students and tailor these to complement your existing provision.

Either Thomas Education’s specialist team of advisors come and work with you (of which I am one), or they train you to use the assessments so you can use them with your students time and time again.

Working closely with your in-house careers advisers ensures that the support and advice is precisely targeted to the needs of your students.


Helping to positively progress your students – Linking education with employers 

Thomas assessments have been used in the business world for over 30 years and are a good way to bridge the gap between education and work.

I have been using Thomas psychometric assessments for over 16 years with great success, to help employers select the right candidate for the job and candidates to realise their full potential.

The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) assessment tool helps young people understand where their strengths lie and gives them confidence and motivation to make important decisions, especially when choosing GCSE options and making future career choices.

They can be used as valuable evidence of your provision of impartial careers advice for Ofsted inspections.

The assessments are really easy to understand and only take 8-10 minutes to do online. Once completed your students receive a PPA Report and MY Career Options Report which helps them understand their working strengths and what job sectors may suit them.

Thomas PPA provides you, your students and their parents with an initial report that answers questions such as:

  • What are this person’s strengths?
  • What careers will play to this person’s strengths?
  • Which limitations will impact on their ability to be successful?
  • Will this person be successful in a role that is technical, quality or standards focused?
  • Does this person drive for results?
  • Can this person work with and through people?
  • Will this person excel in a service, support or specialist role?

For a sample report click on the links:

Profile Analysis

My Career Options

To arrange a FREE consultation call Alison Mannell on 01892 549651, email or fill in the form for more information.

Working in partnership with local and national employers

The Business Challenge programme provides an essential link to workplace practices and employability skills.

It offers:

  • Schools the flexibility to integrate the learning into their applied and general curricula.
  • Students an engaging, good quality experience, working with locally-based employers.
  • Employers the opportunity to develop meaningful dialogue both with the schools and with their potential future employees.


Business Challenge

Alison Mannell of Firebird Training Limited works in partnership with AB Consulting Ltd/Skills Workshop, to deliver Business Challenge within schools.

It is an extended employability skills programme taking place over 3 – 10 days depending on age group and the needs of the school and their learners.

It is used as extended work-related learning activities or as a good quality replacement for general work experience.

It offers real life valuable skills and experience that can be added to your students CVs and University Personal Statements.

Click here for further information or contact Alison Mannell on 01892 549651 or fill in the form for further information.


If you would like further details on any of the above workshops and programmes, please complete the form below and we will forward you the relevant information.

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