Workshops for Parents

Being a teenager is tough. Being the parent of a teenager is even tougher!

Even the strongest family relationship can feel the strain.

This interactive workshop is full of easy-to-implement ideas.

It offers practical tools, tips and techniques to:

  • Reduce your stress levels and those of your teenager.
  • Deal effectively with teenage tantrums – and your own.
  • Keep control in challenging situations and create boundaries that work.
  • Deal with anxieties about peer group pressure.
  • Be the parent you want to be and play by the rules – not theirs.


I’ve got a teenager – get me out of here! Workshop for parents

It happens to every Mum or Dad. One day you have a chatty son or daughter with loads of energy who loves hanging out with you. They’ve got so much to say that it’s hard for you to get a word in edgeways. They’re fun. They’re motivated. They’re on an adventure. And you are too…And then they become a teenager!

You’re whole world – and their bedroom – is turned upside down. They grunt. They’re difficult. They answer back. And you dread to think who they’re with and what they are doing. You know that being a parent is the most important job you will have in your life and you’re doing your best. But the challenges keep coming thick and fast. They’re pushing you to the limit. You begin to feel family life is spinning out of control. You’re not alone.

Come along to an evening workshop to meet other parents who feel the same and pick up some great tips and coaching techniques to help deal with these challenges.

Where do workshops run?

Current workshops are running across Kent & Medway. Sessions run for 2.5 hours from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Price: £25 per person

To find out when the next I’ve got a teenager – get me out of here! Workshop is running in your local area, fill in the form below or call 01892 549651 for further information.


YouCan give your child the competitive edge!

Do you want to help your child to…

  • Stand out from the crowd?
  • Be able to live independently?
  • Lead a successful life?

Where do sessions run?

Current sessions are running across Kent & Medway. Sessions run for 1.5 hours from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

‘Give your Child the Edge’ Session for parents

Teenagers today face significant challenges.  Qualifications are important but they also need to develop the capability to plan properly, understand their strengths and capabilities, make informed decisions about their future prospects and be able to manage themselves.

As parents and carers our ultimate aim is to give our children the best possible chances of achieving the best they can in life. This usually involves having to gain a competitive edge, be that in selection situations for employment, training, college or university to ensure they get a head start.

You play a vital role in your child’s future. The ‘Giving your Child the Edge’ session will enable you to identify the barriers your child is facing to their future success.  It provides you with tools and coaching techniques you can use with your children to help them identify their strengths and shows you how to access on-going, independent support for your child.

Come along to an evening session to gain information, share your concerns with other parents and pick up some great tips and coaching techniques that will help you to help your child be a success.

Price: £10 per person.

To find out when the next ‘Giving your Child the Edge’ workshop is running in your local area, fill in the form below or call 01892 549651 for further information


‘YouCan’ give your child an early competitive edge for FE/HE applications & jobs

As Schools are not targeted to deliver personal effectiveness training, ‘YouCan’ provides an affordable means of accessing high quality support, coaching and mentoring to give your child the competitive edge for FE/HE applications and jobs.

How good would it be if your child…

  • Had the confidence to make their own decisions?
  • Believed in their personal talents?
  • Had a positive attitude towards life?

YouCan’sessions help your child achieve these things.

Everyone within the family and wider community benefits from their positive outlook, enhanced confidence and renewed belief in themself.

Who is ‘YouCan’ suitable for? – Anyone aged 12-15.

Where do sessions run? – Current sessions are running across Kent & Medway and are held on school premises after school hours.

What is involved?

Each session runs for an hour and is full of learning activities. They work through exercises and take their folders home after each session with take away activities to do before the next session.

What others say about the benefits of ‘YouCan’sessions…

“This programme has made Aidan really think about his goals in life. He talks to us about his personal targets and he looks forward to his Wednesday evenings”. Mrs. Hayes

“’YouCan’ helped me to believe in my goals more and have more confidence in myself.” Aidan

“’You Can’ is providing Jack with the skills, which will help him to succeed in life and stay a step ahead of the competition. I must say, that he is always keen to attend the sessions and has a spring in his step after each one.” Mr. Schilling

“’YouCan’ has taught me that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and give a positive attitude. I learnt good team skills. You must put the effort in to achieve your goals. You will be aided along the way but in the end it’s down to you.” Jack

“Cameron is more focused on things in & out of school, as ‘YouCan’ has made him realised that only he can make a difference to his future, and how much work he puts into his school work will effect what he can achieve later in his life! Which is very positive as he thinks that we nag him about this, but he has learnt himself that this is true.” Mrs. Pearson

“The programme has made me realise skills & qualities that I did not realise I had. This will be very helpful when applying to colleges & job applications, ‘YouCan’ has helped boost my self- confidence greatly.” Cameron

Jack really enjoyed the ‘YouCan programme and feels it will be something he can use in his future and can always refer to.” Mrs Batters


Supporting your child in turning their dreams into reality – ‘YouCan’ sessions for your child

What is ‘YouCan’?

It’s a life coaching programme that focuses on building the personal effectiveness of your child from an early age. As we grow we develop beliefs and opinions about ourselves and what we will be able to achieve. Quite often our dreams are crushed by lack of confidence, motivation, our attitude and the ability to make decisions.

Successful people have the ability to understand themself and use that self-knowledge to make them unique. YouCan is about understanding and believing that you can really achieve your dreams and gives you the practical tools and techniques that you can use throughout your life to make that happen.

How does ‘YouCan’ work?

In ‘YouCan’ sessions your child works with like-minded people, all of whom share the same essential quality of success: wanting it. They learn from each other and from us, but most of all they learn from themself and realise they have the ability within to achieve the things they want.

‘YouCan’ is an eight session programme. Each session is for an hour and is run over a number of months to ensure continuity and on-going support is given with activities they carry out in between sessions.

What will my child achieve from ‘YouCan’?

The programme improves your child’s progression, the ability to self-manage and make life changing decisions. During the programme young people experience improved self-esteem, become motivated and start to use their initiative. They learn how to actively listen which helps with learning and improves social and life skills. They grow in confidence over the weeks, becoming more communicative and decisive.

Your child leaves the programme with higher aspirations, improved behaviour towards others, personal barriers are removed and they have a better ability to visualise a more positive ‘future self’. Not to mention becoming more engaged at home and in school.

How will the family benefit from ‘YouCan’?

‘YouCan’ activities can be shared with siblings, parents and carers. The improvement in your child’s self-image leads to more positive behaviour. Your teenagers are more motivated and better equipped to manage independence, make decisions, seek out and use information and succeed in selection situations. Ultimately you have happier children and family life.

How much does it cost?

It’s only £25 per session. You can either pay one payment of £200 for all 8 sessions or four £60 installments.

So, if you want to give your child the best possible chance of future success, fill in the form below or give us a call on 01892 549651 to find out when the next ‘YouCan’ programme is running in your area.




When are YouCan Summer Camps being run in 2013?

  • 29th July to 2nd August 2013 Tonbridge, Kent
  • 5th August to 9th August 2013 Maidstone, Kent
  • 12th August to 16th August 2013 Gravesend, Kent
  • 19th August to 23rd August 2012 Sittingbourne, Kent

Where do YouCan Summer Camps run?

  • Hosted in schools and organisations premises.

How many young people can attend each YouCan Summer Camp?

  • Up to a maximum of 30 young people per summer camp.

Who runs YouCan Summer Camps?

  • Alison Mannell – a qualified experienced Youth Personal Development Coach and Director of youth coaching company Firebird Training Inspired Youths.
  • Andy Brading – an experienced deliverer of personal and employability skills training to school students, and a Director of education-business consultancy AB Consulting.

What are the outcomes?

Participants will gain:

  • A vastly improved understanding of their own attributes and abilities.
  • Improved self-confidence, self-motivation and focus leading to higher attainment.
  • A set of tools and resources to enable them to make new friends easily.

How much does it cost?

Secondary schools receive an amount of money for every disadvantaged pupil taking part in a summer school. The money applies to all pupils transferring in to Year 7 who are on Free School Meals or have been in care for six months or more.

This is part of the Disadvantaged Pupil Premium Summer Transition Fund. This money is used to pay for activities that will increase your childs literacy and numeracy skills and help with the transition into Secondary Education easier.

If you have regsitered your child to receive Free School Meals, then you could be entitled to receive a contribution towards or the full cost of your child attending a YouCan Summer Camp? Contact your school directly to find out.

A full week at YouCan Summer Camp which includes all materials used and lunch provided every day is just £283.33.


YouCan Summer Camp – Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

As any parent knows, the move from primary to secondary school can sometimes be tough. For those who struggle to make the jump, there can be a dip in performance that can last for years.

When some children start Secondary Education they can find it overwhelming and find it hard to make new friends. Summer schools give your child the chance to swim rather than sink in those first critical weeks of secondary school. It is crucial for a child to develop friendships in this time, and poor preparation can result in lasting damage throughout the rest of their school years. A week with the inspirational YouCan Summer Camp trainers can really make a difference to their transition at this tricky time in their lives.

Moving into a bigger school environment can leave some children feeling anxious which can lead to panic, having a knock-on effect on their performance.

In Secondary Education your child has to get used to having different teachers for subject specific lessons. They get greater volumes of homework and need to develop greater organisational skills quickly and start to work towards deadlines. They may have to travel to school on their own and make independent decisions on career choices at a time when they may not see they have many strengths.

Typically they have to acquire certain life skills very quickly to fit in. These include such things as:

  • Negotiating their way around school.
  • Making new friends.
  • Remembering the names of their teachers.
  • Getting used to different teaching and learning styles.
  • Learning and adhering to school rules.
  • Taking responsibility for their school books and equipment and not losing it.
  • Organising their own work and managing their own timetable.
  • Learning and juggling new subjects.

YouCan summer camps address these challenges in a fun and creative way. Your child learns from making things, working in groups to solve problems and in the process makes new friends.

A week with the YouCan team motivates and encourages your child through innovative coaching techniques which build self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence, enabling them to transition from primary to secondary school more easily.

The week is full of fun activities focusing on getting your child to look on school as a positive experience and gives them confidence when meeting new people.

YouCan activities improve aspirations, attitudes to learning and attendance levels as well as giving your child the tools to be a great communicator, positive achiever and team player.

YouCan Summer Camp includes 5 days of activities focusing on:

Day 1 – Getting to know yourself and how you fit in with others

  • Day one gets them to start thing about their dreams and why getting an education will help them to achieve these things. They start to find out what makes them tick and how this will enable them to fit in with other people. They resolve any issues they may have to being happy at their new school. By working in groups they get to know other quickly which will help with integrating into their new class. The activities focus them on getting motivated to enjoy their learning experience at school as a positive one.

Day 2 – Effective communication so you can work with others

  • Today’s activities demonstrate to them the effectiveness of working with others to get things      done quickly. They learn how to communicate effectively and clearly to enable them to work      collaboratively with a group of new people. They work in smaller cohesive groups to hit deadlines to prepare them with targeted school coursework and homework.

Day 3 – Getting your thoughts and ideas across

  • We help them to understand the concept of effective listening, communication and problem solving through discussion and activities. They carry out a group research project where they produce a video advert.

Day 4 – Creative thinking, approaching things in a different way

  • On day 4 we get them thinking outside the box to enable them to approach their homework and course work in a more interesting way. We continue developing their problem solving skills in new groups with a creative project giving them a project brief to get them ready for group coursework assignments. The risk taking quiz at the end of the day helps to prepare them for making choices and weighing up the risks of their decisions.

Day 5 – Bringing it all together – confident presenting

  • On the last day the continue working in teams to consolidate their learning experiences of the week in a Young Apprentice activity which they present to an interview panel.

Certificates are given to every participant.

For further information contact Alison Mannell on 01892 549651 or fill in the form for further information.



Get your confidence back and secure your ideal job?

Our ‘5 Steps To Getting You Back Into Work’ is an online coaching programme taking you on a journey to getting you back into the work place. You work through the online modules at your own pace when it suits you.

Your personal Job Coach guides you through the modules using video, audio, activities and exploratory questions and respond to your answers online as you go along.

They review your CV as they know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what kind of an angle to use to ensure that your CV stands out from your competition and gives you the greatest possible chance of getting the job you want.

You can also network and get support from others looking to return to the work place in the online forum.

You come away from the programme with:

  • Renewed enthusiasm in your abilities.
  • Confidence to approach job hunting head on.
  • A CV that really sells your personality to employers.
  • You will be able to excel at interviews.
  • Have the confidence to approach job hunting head on.
  • And secure your ideal job in no time at all.
  • Not to mention the new friends you make in the forum.

The programme costs just £97!



Returning to work after a career break

Going back to work after a career break can be tough, especially in the current climate. The toughest challenge you may face is building your confidence to apply for jobs!

Lack of confidence can be a huge obstacle when you have taken years out of the workplace. You may need to re-invent yourself which isn’t easy!

It requires you to re-think who you are, what you want and what you are good at. You need to think about the experience you already have, both in work and outside work.

That’s where our online and coaching programme helps you to:

  • Explore your skills, qualities and attributes through fun activities and boosts confidence in yourself.
  • Think about what you really want to do and identify the skills you have to do this.
  • Get real examples to demonstrate your skills and experiences on your CV and at interviews.
  • Create an impacting CV that gets you interviews.
  • Put in place a job search strategy, write application letters and complete application forms that stand out and get noticed.
  • Create your own unique personal brand and sales pitch so you excel at interviews.
  • Practice for interviews.
  • And get job offers!

Get access to your online and coaching programme now for just £97!


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