Waris’s Story – JOB ACADEMY Helped Me Get My Ideal Job

“Alison’s approach to a results orientated programme is refreshing and inspiring. Her ability to identify the requirements of an employer and develop a programme which empower young people to meet those requirements meets a need in the market. She has huge empathy to young people, taking time to get to know them as individuals and adapts the programme to their specific needs – whilst never losing focus in the end result of getting those young people in to work.

The final results speak for themselves, with an 80% + placement rate you will struggle to find an equivalent programme, working with an equivalent client group delivering those sorts of results. Young people on the programme struck lucky when they are accepted onto the Job Academy and feedback from employers is positive and encouraging.

The Job Academy model has a real future role in getting young people into work.” Rachel Wichall – Director of Eden Garden Rooms Ltd

Waris’s journey in to his ideal career

Waris was an apprentice motor mechanic, when the company he had been working over the last four months had to downsize and he lost his job.  He urgently needed to find another employer to take him on so that he could complete his apprenticeship but had applied for lots of jobs without success.

He was beginning to feel de-motivated and seeing his dream of becoming a motor mechanic fading away.  That was when he joined Alison’s JOB ACADEMY.

“The first thing we needed to do was sort out Waris’s CV as it didn’t sell his fantastic skills and abilities.  He had forgotten to mention in his CV that he had helped family and friends repair their cars from an early age and had worked on ‘high end’ cars such as Porsche and Ferrari.

We turned his CV into a powerful sales document and within a couple of hours of sending it out and calling some local garages Waris had a few interviews lined up!”

Waris’s sparkle returned and with his new found confidence he eventually managed to get an apprenticeship with a national garage.

“The whole programme was brilliant and Alison really sorted my CV and application letter. She helped me get interviews and apply for jobs. Everything she has taught me is really useful. The interview workshops helped me build my confidence for interviews and on the phone to employers and face to face. I have never seen my CV so good ever. It is the best I could ever have hoped for. Alison is amazing and has helped me in all aspects of getting a job.” Waris