Steve, Danny & Lois’s Story – Graduate Intern Work Helped Us Stand Out & Secure Jobs

” The graduate interns I took on over the summer, Steve, Lois and Danny worked really hard and produced excellent results. I highly recommend other businesses to take up the opportunity of taking on a graduate intern if they get the chance.” Alison

Stand out from the crowd – Get a Graduate Internership with a company

An internship scheme enables graduates to gain valuable experience and skills, whilst allowing companies to benefit from a cost-effective and low-risk introduction to graduate employment.

“I would like to tell you a story about three talented graduates from Canterbury Christchurch University and The University of Kent I took on as interns during their summer break.

I had a huge research project I wanted to undertake to revisit the market for my recruitment training business. It was something on my ‘To Do List’ that never seemed to make it to the top!

I had read about other companies taking on graduates in their holiday breaks and how great the experience was so thought I would give it a go. I advertised at both universities and got quite a few responses. After interviewing a number of people I decided to choose three people to help me.”

Steven was my research guy and did a very thorough SWOT analysis of my business, my competitors and customers which was extremely insightful. Lois and Danny were tasked with reviewing my existing Firebird Training website copy and revamping it to be more eye-catching and attract new customers.

The high quality work they carried out for me saved me a huge amount of time and they did a better job than I would have done, as I would not have had the time to do what they had done so thoroughly!

The skills and experience they gained will be a valuable addition to their CVs and gaining employment. I have already been approached by an employer for a reference for Danny, which I gladly provided and Steven has already secured employment since leaving university.”

Alison Mannell, Director Firebird Training Limited