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If you need evidence to demonstrate you are supporting your students onto positive destinations – then let me help you.

“My students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss and develop their plans for the future. They were encouraged to think ahead about where they want to be and more importantly, how to get there.”
- Mrs Corp, Head of 6th Form

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In the current jobs market it is even more important that your students are equipped with the necessary life skills to help them succeed in the workplace.

With over seven years’ experience of job coaching young people and with close links to employers and the recruitment industry, I have helped hundreds of young people succeed in getting jobs they deserve.

My high quality, inspirational coaching and mentoring programmes not only help your  students develop a full range of employability skills, they offer valuable evidence to demonstrate you are supporting your students onto positive destinations in preparation for any Ofsted inspection.

Students taking part in my courses have the opportunity to explore what they want to do in the future, identify their goals, set realistic targets and produce a powerful CV and application letters that sell their personality, skills and abilities. The students also receive practical advice and support on applying for jobs and how to prepare for an interview.

The ‘train the trainer’ programmes are specifically designed to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver my courses to your students and provide a cost effective method of meeting your statutory requirements.

I am happy to tailor my activities to meet the needs of your students and staff, and offer a range of programmes and courses listed below.

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements, then please contact me –

Independent Careers Advice 

Winning CVs and Personal Statements (DVD) Ready-made workshops to deliver to your students on how to produce a winning CV or Personal Statement that will get them interviews. Lesson plans and tutor notes included.

Moving Your Students onto Positive Progressions – A.C.H.I.E.V.E. a programme focusing on Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students that may have decided not to stay on at school, college or go to university. The programme develops a full range of employability skills and offers valuable evidence to demonstrate you are supporting your students in to positive destinations in preparation for any Ofsted inspection. Can be delivered by our trainers or we can train your staff to deliver the programme yourselves.

Dealing with behaviour and engagement of challenging pupils

Skills for Life, Learning and Work – M.A.G.I.C. a Youth Development programme for children aged 11-15 of all academic and vocational abilities, providing a fresh opportunity for young people to identify and release their true potential and achieve sustainable results and outcomes. An insight into effective communication and interpersonal skills, it helps with self-development, increases self-esteem, self-awareness, goal achievement and encourages the qualities that make young people highly employable.  Delivered to groups or individuals and can be used as an effective way of dealing with behaviour and engagement of challenging pupils.

Thomas psychometric assessment workshops - Helping teachers to understand behavioural preferences of students and help them to engage and communicate with even the most challenging of students more effectively.

Pupil Premium Summer Transition activities

YouCan Summer CampMaking the transition from primary to secondary school, is a time when Ofsted research shows performance can take a significant dip. The move from Year 6 to Year 7 means a number of major changes for all children. YouCan summer camp helps children make this transition effortless over a week of summer activities.

Linking education with employers

Thomas psychometric assessments – Help your students to understand where their strengths lie and give them confidence and motivation to make important decisions when choosing GCSE options and making future career choices. Thomas PPA and My Career Options Reports can be used with groups and individuals as impartial careers advice and evidence of helping your students onto positive progressions for future Ofsted inspections.

Business Challenge Programmes - provide an essential link to workplace practices and employability skills. Alison Mannell of Firebird Training Limited and Andy Brading of AB Consulting/Skills Workshop work in partnership to deliver Business Challenge in schools. Programmes take place over 3 to 10 days depending on age group and the needs of the school and involve local employers with real business problems that need solving.

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