School Business Challenge Winners 2011 – Helped Us Secure Paid Work Afterwards

“This was my second year running Business Challenge with Maplesden Noakes. Yet again my expectations have been exceeded. The group produced some fantastic work, better than a design agency could have produced as they really understand my target audience.

I am really committed to supporting students, right from the early stages of their career. I have since contracted them to produce more promotional videos for me which are on my YouTube channel and paid them for their work.

Thanks Marco, Sheldon, Beth, Amber, Nosisa, George and Natasha. It was a real joy to work with you, well done.

Alison Mannell, Director Firebird Training Limited.

Maplesden Noakes School, Team Firebird Training wins 2011 Business Challenge

I was ecstatic when I heard team Firebird had won the Challenge. My team received £1,000 to divide between the group. They really deserved it. They were an absolute joy and a pleasure to work with. I am so proud of all of them.

Sharon Forghani, Director of Business & Enterprise at the school said “This kind of partnership is profoundly beneficial for schools. This has replaced Year 12 work experience and it is without doubt the best decision the school has made.

Students have learned so much more about the world of work, working as teams of consultants to solve ‘real life’ challenges set by local private and public sector organisations and charities.

They have also developed essential ‘soft skills’ that employers are crying out for from school leavers’ such as good communication, team work, project management and time management.

We are extremely grateful to Firebird Training for the last two years’ support, and look forward to their new challenge next year.”

Lisa-Marie Durrant, Teacher and Mentor of the Firebird team at The Maplesden Noakes School, says “Firebird has been very beneficial for the group. Alison was fantastic on the brief and supported the students throughout.

“They gained a lot of confidence and it was good to give them the opportunity to work with different people. The campaign they produced is fantastic, especially the video. And they were extremely enthusiastic.”

One student’s parent, Mrs Strydom commented “It is such a wonderful, wonderful feeling for my son to win. Sheldon has definitely come out of himself and he is more confident and I thank you for that.”

The students were elated saying “We won, unbelievable!” Beth expressed “The most important thing I’ve gained with Inspired Youths is confidence.” “It means a lot to me to have won,” added Nosisa. “It is something that will come very handy for the future.” Amber remarked “Winning has given me a great sense of achievement” and her Mum expressed how proud she was of her daughter.

Alison Mannell of Firebird Training Limited works in partnership with AB Consulting Ltd/Skills Workshop, to deliver Business Challenge within schools. It is an extended employability skills programme taking place over 3 – 10 days depending on age group and the needs of the school and their learners. It is used as extended work-related learning activities or as a good quality replacement for general work experience.