School Business Challenge 2010 – Firebird Gave Us Valuable Experience For Our CVs

“My experience with Firebird was brilliant. I was glad to be put into the Firebird Training business group and have Alison as my business mentor. After watching the DVD, I learnt a huge amount and applied it to my CV and personal statement. No one should lose the opportunity to watch it. Hours of confusion were solved within minutes!!! It will benefit me in the future as I have created my CV that I can send to a potential employer and universities will be impressed.” Rima Chowdhury, Maplesden Noakes School, Maidstone

 “I enjoyed working with Firebird Training and Alison as it allowed me to use my knowledge and skills and apply it to a real business. By working with Firebird it will benefit me in the future as I have a deeper understanding of writing CV’s, personal statements and the interview process. I enjoyed working with Alison as she helped me achieve my challenge.” Rebecca Snell, Maplesden Noakes School, Maidstone

Maplesden Noakes School, Team Firebird Training Business Challenge 2010

Alison Mannell of Firebird Training really loves taking an active part in helping local young people.

Every year The Maplesden Noakes School runs a business challenge two weeks for their year 12’s. They contact local businesses and ask them to volunteer their services for two weeks to give their students a real business problem to solve.

Alison commented “This was the first year I was approached by the school and I gave my group of students a project to put together a marketing plan to promote and advertise my First Steps To Getting An Interview’ DVD.

Their tasks were to design a marketing and advertising campaign that will encourage young people, parents and teachers to buy the DVD. They had a tough challenge as they had to consider different support materials for different groups.

They discussed the various marketing methods such as the website, Facebook page, Flyers, Posters, Postcards, YouTube clips, Newspaper ads, Teacher magazine ads, Bill Boards, PowerPoint displays, TV advert for schools and parent Mail. The target market was identified as Parents, Young People, Teachers and Youth Workers.

“They did a mind map of all the options and worked out costings. They carried out research by way of a questionnaire, explored Parent mail and put together a presentation to make to Head Teachers.”

“They also contacted magazines and found out their rate cards and broke down the best advertising options. They investigated costs of postage and production of flyers and postcards, then presented their findings to the judges and me.

Having done their investigation they realised there were some benefits but also limitations to their findings and summarised these in a report. I took this information on board and amended my marketing materials to refelect their recommendations. It was an excellent way for me to assess my market using the very people I am trying to help.

Their work was outstanding. They involved me over the two weeks and were not shy about asking for my input, opinion and advice. It was a pleasure to work with such talented individuals. Thanks Rebecca, Robert, Sam, Emily and Rima for all your hard work.”

Alison Mannell, Director Firebird Training Limited.

Alison Mannell of Firebird Training Limited works in partnership with AB Consulting Ltd/Skills Workshop, to deliver Business Challenge within schools. It is an extended employability skills programme taking place over 3 – 10 days depending on age group and the needs of the school and their learners. It is used as extended work-related learning activities or as a good quality replacement for general work experience.