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Supporting your son or daughter into work.

“We found your assistance valuable and informative. The thing we found most helpful was your constant contact and encouragement and the personal touch. Thanks to your assistance Connor has now started a working apprenticeship in plumbing and is looking forward to a successful future.”
- Mrs Rabbett

Parents & Carers

Are you worried about what your son or daughter is going to do when they leave school, college or university?

Has your son or daughter been trying hard to find work without success?

Are they lacking the motivation to get a job and you have tried everything to help them, but not sure what else to do?

I have spoken to many parents with the same concerns and have helped their son or daughter get their ideal job and turn their lives around.

I provide both online and one to one Job Coaching for young people to boost their confidence and give them the skills they need to get a job.

Together we identify their goals, set realistic targets and create a CV and application letters that sell their personality, skills and abilities and get them noticed by employers.

I support them every step of the way to gaining employment by helping them to build their own personal brand that makes them stand out from the crowd, giving them gentle reminders and encouragement to keep them motivated, focused and stay on track.

I offer a range of services and products to suit every budget or requirement.

Click on the links below to find out how I can help your son or daughter gain employment.

Products and services for your children

Winning CV (DVD)Informational activity based DVD and step by step guides to producing a professional CV or personal statement for university applications that helps your son or daughter to stand out from the crowd and get interviews.

Help to Find Your Child a Job Fast! – Interactive online and coaching programme that helps your son or daughter to secure their ideal job or an apprenticeship.

Get Your Child a Job Offer Fast! – Sign your son or daughter up for JOB ACADEMYYour son or daughter works with our experienced recruiters and joins other job seekers to secure their ideal job or an apprenticeship.

Blogfollow my blog for great tips on getting your son or daughter a job and links to the latest jobs.

Job Coaching – Face to face (if in Tunbridge Wells, Kent), telephone or Skype support to help your son or daughter to identify their skills and qualities, to boost their confidence and motivation and utlimately get their ideal job.

Assessments that help with GCSE options, A level choices and university decisions – Profiling tools that help your son or daughter to make important decisions, especially when choosing GCSE options and making future career choices.

Improve Your Son or Daughters Chances of Getting a Job An online individualised personality profile report that uncovers your sons and daughters true talents and strengths. They can use this information to sell themselves on their CVs or personal statements and the report can be used as proof of their strengths, skills and abilities in interviews.

Workshops for you

I’ve Got a Teenager – Get Me Out of Here!  A practical workshop giving you tips, tools and techniques for reducing your stress levels and those of your teenager and keeping control in challenging situations.

YouCan Give Your Child The Competitive Edge! – An interactive workshop to enable you to identify the barriers your child is facing to their future success. 

Returning to work after a career breakOur ’5 Steps To Getting You Back Into Work’ is an online and coaching programme focusing on giving you the confidence, skills, and tools to get you back into work quickly.

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Workshops for your children

YouCan Give Your Child an Early Competitive Edge for FE/HE applications and Jobsa group life coaching programme for children aged 12-15. It improves their self-awareness, self-confidence, personal skills and overall personal effectiveness with a view to improving their progression and ability to self-manage.

Help your child with the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 – YouCan Summer CampAs any parent knows, the move from primary to secondary school can sometimes be tough. For those who struggle to make the jump, there can be a dip in performance that can last for years. Some can find the change overwhelming and hard to make new friends. A week with the inspirational YouCan Summer Camp trainers can really make their transition positive at this tricky time in their lives.