Olivia, George & Lily’s Story – Found employment at the age of 14!

Each week Alison gave Olivia, George and Lily a topic to write about how they felt about it.

In Olivia’s first blog she mentioned her greatest challenge when leaving school would be starting university. She said “I am unfathomably terrified and also incredibly excited about it. I am torn between moving away or staying at home and even the right course is puzzling me- eek!”

George thought when he leaves school he would like to move into accounting or something in ICT because he felt he was quite good at ICT and found it engaging. He thought his greatest challenge would be getting qualifications for what he wants to do.

Lily didn’t really have any plans for when she leaves school yet. She said “I know it seems so far away but it is only a couple of years, which will fly by and hopefully I will know what I want to do by then.”

She thought her greatest challenge when she leaves school would be to get somewhere and be someone instead of a no one. The thought of leaving school made her worried because she would be on her own in a big world.

Paid work for writing about yourself!

Alison is so passionate about helping young people into employment that she practices what she preaches and whenever I see an opportunity in my business where I can give young people a chance to enhance their work skills and CVs I take it.

“I really needed to up my social media presence as it is a great tool to interact with young people. Most teenagers these days have their own blog sites and Facebook pages and communicate with each other through these mediums.

I was talking to a friend of mine about getting a group of young people to start writing blogs for me on their experience of preparing themselves for working and she said that her niece, nephew and friend’s daughter would be interested in some paid work.”

Olivia, a 17 year old Sixth form student, George who just turned 14 and Lily who was also 14 at the time approached me re the work. I gave them a full brief and off they went.

The brief mentioned that I wanted to interact with their age group to help them develop skills, gain experience and become more motivated and confident so they can gain employment when they leave education. I wanted some interesting content to put on in my blogs and on my Facebook page to attract young people to read it.”

Olivia, George and Lily wrote blog posts for Firebird Training’s Inspired Youths website blog page on a weekly basis and got paid to write about how they felt about an issue Alison gave them.

“Their writing skills were excellent and I have published their blogs as they are written.” Alison Mannell, Director of Firebird Training Limited


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