Nathan’s Story – Working With Firebird:Youths Helped Me To Further My Career

“It is really nice to be around energetic and happy people that actually want to do what is asked of them! Sometimes in business we lose sight of why we are doing what we do and young people bring fun back in to it.” Alison

Paid work experience for Nathan to further his filming career

On one of Alison’s many trips to schools where she delivers workshops to help young people prepare for the world of work, she came across an extremely switched on focused young chap named Nathan. He had decided not to go to university and had a real love and drive to go into the film industry.

Alison commented “Our meeting came just at the right time for Nathan as I needed a new promotional video for my Firebird Training website. Due to my passion for helping young adults to succeed, I had decided not to use a professional company to produce the video on this occasion but to offer the opportunity to a young person.

I ran my idea passed Nathan who had been studying media at school and he was very interested in the offer of paid work and the experience. He come over to my neck of the woods on two occasions on his motorbike armed with the school camera they had kindly loaned him.”

“We visited some of my top recruitment clients in their offices and Nathan filmed them talking about their experiences of attending my recruitment training courses and being coached and mentored by me.

On one of the days, I decided that Eddie, a 15 year old chap doing work experience with me who also wanted to get into the film industry, could join us to get a feel for the work.

It was great to see Nathan taking him under his wing and the three of us had a great couple of days.

After the filming was finished, Nathan took all the film shoots home and produced a mini film for me which is now on Youtube and embedded on the home page of my website.

I am very pleased with it and even happier I was able to give Nathan some paid work and more work to put in to his portfolio. Thanks Nathan.”

Alison Mannell, Director Firebird Training Limited