Ellie & Lucy’s Story – Alison Helped Us With Part-Time Work

“It has been an amazing experience to be able to do work experience this year. Alison is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about her business and her love for what she does clearly shows.

I have learned so much from working in a real business environment through helping her. I have met lots of new people and understand a lot better how businesses function daily.

I think Alison is to be commended in offering this rare opportunity, allowing me to learn and develop new skills.” Lucy

The benefits to young people of being pro-active in their search for work 

Whilst Alison Mannell of Firebird Training was at a local school delivering employability training to a group of year 10 students, two of the girls were so engaged with what they were being taught about the working world that they approcahed her asking if they could work for her during the summer holidays.

Alison is extremely passionate about helping young people in to the world of work and was so impressed by the confidence these two young ladies exerted by approaching her that she could not refuse.

“I was about to launch an employer event and needed some research calls to be done so I was more than happy to give these two eager young ladies the opportunity.

My business philosophy over the last seven years has been to give young people the chance to gain real experience in the business environment before looking at outsourcing work to other organisations. Young people have so much energy, enthusiasm and determination, it makes working with them fun and energising. ”

“Ellie and Lucy were very dedicated coming along once or twice a week through their summer holiday and were tasked to phone businesses in the local area to check that email addresses and contact names were correct. They also had to ask the business’s permission to be emailed about the upcoming free employer event I was holding.

They had to explain that the event was to inform local businesses about the benefits of taking on an apprentice. It was really tough for them as the phone is quite a scary thing even for adults let alone young people. But, they did not moan or shy away from the task. They took it in turns to pick up the phone and went for it!

They were so professional, well spoken, and did not get put off by the rejection they received from the businesses they were calling. Each call made them more and more confident and by then end of the summer it came naturally to them. You would never believe they were only 15 years old! It was an absolutely pleasure to work with them and we all gained from the experience. Thanks Lucy and Ellie.

Alison Mannell, Director of Firebird Training Limited