Eddie’s Story – Valuable Experience I Can Include In My Career Portfolio

“This experience has greatly benefited me on my chosen career path. I am about to begin the process of making my own website for my own business which has been inspired by working with Alison.

The website will include a page dedicated to my work experience here at Firebird. It will give an insight into the type of photography I am capable of and what other people think of me as a person and of my work.

This will be brilliant for my future career path as it will give future employers a look into how I work with other people and my expertise in the topic.” Eddie

Valuable Experience I Can Include In My Career Portfolio

However great your formal qualifications look, employers want evidence of work-related skills that can only be gained by experience. If people did plenty of varied work experience before leaving education they would be more employable and would have a clearer sense of what interests them.

When I was recently approached by a parent of a 15 year old lad who was desperate for a relevant work placement in the film industry I was only too happy to suggested to her some places she could try for him. But then I had a thought! I needed some pictures taken for my company Facebook page so said that Eddie could work with me for a week.

I gave him a job brief of what I wanted, explained to him that he needed to use his imagination to interrupt my brief as this is what a professional photographer would do.

Eddie took a number of photos and come back to present them to me. We looked at each photo and I told him what I thought the photo depicted if I was looking at it as one of my customers.

“My assignment from Firebird Training was to carry out a photography project in order to produce photographs for the Firebird Training and Inspired Youth websites. I was able to be as creative as I liked but the images had to still be specific to the websites while being a reflection of the ideas I had for the project.

I was also fortunate enough to be evolved in a video shoot for a whole day with Alison and Nathan Scott, an up and coming film maker who was producing a short promotional video for her website. The day included me working with Nathan and Alison going to recruitment companies to film and interview people about their jobs as recruiters.

I was lucky enough to be behind the camera and film one of the interviews. I was an active film assistant for the day making stage sets looking at lighting, coordinating the interviewees and holding the prompt scripts.

It was a very packed day with a non-stop feel to it going from company to company. However, the day left me inspired with new experiences in the film industry. There was a lot to take in and digest but over all the day was extremely insightful.

“The experience will allow me to develop my career further in a couple of aspects. Firstly, I will now have my own website which can be used for: selling my photography, advertising myself to businesses, extending my contacts and support and to show others how I work when given an assignment. This will be presented on my work experience page with Firebird Training being the first company I have worked with.

I have also gained new skills in this industry. For example, when selecting the images that will be used, I did not look at them from another persons’ perspective, for instance the photos being used for advertisement and marketing purposed or having a certain direction or greater meaning. An example of this is creating captions for photographs such as, “riding your way to success,” in a photo depicting a boy riding a bicycle. Therefore, I will now look at my photographs in a different way to fit the desired aim whether it would be marketing or for individual websites.

My favourite part of the work experience has been getting the feedback on the photographs I have taken and the success of knowing that the images will be used by the company. The constructive feedback has also been extremely beneficial and surprisingly enjoyable as it has shown me what is looked for by companies when you come to selling or producing photographs and advertisement material for them.

Finally, as it is one of my passions, taking the photographs themselves was a huge joy and it is always good to have an aim when you go out to take photographs and the work experience allowed me to do this.

Alison has been very supportive through this week. She has told me everything that I needed for each individual task, she has supplied me with all material I needed to carry out certain tasks such as Waiver forms.

Her feedback, knowledge and expertise have been greatly appreciated and she has really been able to move my ideas and my up and coming business a long way which many work experience clients are unable to do. Finally, she has been very professional but someone that I can speak to in confidence and is very friendly to approach.

Because of this she is now a future paying client for my business and I’m sure we will stay in contact for a long time after this process. I would definitely like to work again with Alison as she is positive and professional in what she does.” Eddie Croft, aged 15