Benefits to Business & Schools of Work Experience

“This was such an excellent way for me to involve a large group of budding actors & actresses in a real life project. They now have a production under their belt to include in their acting portfolio and on their CVs, plus a published film being sold to the public. A very big thank you to The Weald of Kent Grammar School and to the teachers and students involved in the making of the film.” Alison

The Benefits to Businesses and Schools of Work Experience 

Alison of Firebird Training is a true believer in involving the very people she is trying to help in everything she does.

She commented “When I decided to make a film so that I could help as many young people as possible to write a CV that would get them interviews, I wanted to involve the very people that I was trying to help in the film.

I contacted a number of schools in my local area to give them the opportunity of involving their students in a real life film shoot that would end up in a full length DVD that would be sold to the general public.

I was especially pleased when the school I went to came back straight away and said their year 12 & 13 theatre studies students would love the chance.

The very next week, my film crew and I turned up to The Weald of Kent Grammar School and started filming.

Sara Hill, Careers Coordinator at the school said ‘I was delighted to be contacted by Alison and be given an opportunity for some of our students to participate in acting work experience’.

The students gained experience whilst exploring their skills, qualities and attributes through group coaching and listening to others sharing their experiences.

Mrs Corp, Head of 6th Form and Theatre Studies commented “The students at Weald thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss and develop their plans for the future. The process was enjoyable but also encouraged them to be thinking ahead about where they want to be and more importantly, how to get there.

They were able to think in concrete, practical terms. Working with a local employer was particularly beneficial because they were given advice and guidance which was real and practical in terms of the workplace”.

The stars of the film felt that their work experience had “made me believe in myself and realise I have the ability to do what I want to do”, “It has helped me to see the future is not as unobtainable as I thought it was and has given me more motivation to try harder” and “It got me thinking about my own personal skills and I now have an idea of what I want to do in life.”

One student expressed, “I now have relevant work experience to put on my CV to show potential employers in the filming industry and a copy the DVD that demonstrates my acting skills. Alison has also said we can use her as a referee for job applications”.