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How do you keep motivated to do your studies?

“Hello, my name is George I am 14 and 7 days old and I go to Darrick Wood School in Orpington, where I live. I like technology, my PS3 and have recently started karate. I really enjoy comedy and watch improvisational comedy shows such as Fast and Loose on T.V. I listen to most types of music, but my favourite genre is indie rock and some of my favourite bands are Surfer Blood, The Vaccines, Arcade Fire and The XX. I support Arsenal and have been to see them about 7 times at the amazing Emirates Stadium and once at Highbury.

I am studying all of the core subjects at present, but for my options I have chosen geography, ICT, Business Studies, and French. I am good at ICT and Geography and find them quite easy. I like ICT and business because I would eventually like to move onto accounting or something related.

I like to think that by trying hard at school and completing homework will motivate me into achieving the grades I want, which will help me into a successful future. I get at least a piece of homework daily, and aim to do it as soon as I get it to avoid it piling up, although I do have the tendency to leave it last thing on a Sunday, which I wish to work on. I feel it will help me prepare for my GCSE’s next year, and by doing my work now will help me to stay on top when I get more next year.

My family encourage me to complete my homework, and correct any errors I may make, from spelling errors to additions I could add to make my piece better. They influence me to do research and study for school, as they want me to do as well as I can do and achieve my potential.

I feel I have all the support I need from school and at home to keep me motivated with my studies. The teachers are always there for me to speak to at school, whether I have a personal problem or trouble with school work. I also have a very supportive family, and a sister in sixth form who having done her GCSE’s is able to guide me if need be.”

How do you motivate yourself to study?