“It has been an amazing experience to be able to work with Alison. She was extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping me set up my business. I have learned so much from her and gained some truly entrepreneurial skills. I understand a lot better how a business should function daily.” Lucy

“We found Alison’s assistance valuable and informative. She has supported Conner with focusing on a career path, writing his CV, applying for apprenticeships and most importantly encouraged him with a her personal approach. Thanks to Alison, Conner has now started an apprenticeship in plumbing.” Katrina Rabbett

“My son has definitely come out of himself and he is more confident from working with Alison.” Mrs Strydom

“Alison made me realise I have the ability to do what I want to do and made me believe in myself. I now have an idea of what I want to do and I feel a lot more confident about my future. She got me thinking about my own personal skills which helped me to write a brilliant CV that got me lots of interviews and I am now in a job.” Joanna

“As the parent of a 17 year old I am delighted to have a copy of this fantastic DVD. If any teens you know need help with writing a University Personal Statement, this product would be a terrific help to them. I think that given the level of stress year 13’s in particular feel about writing their personal history it would be fantastic if they could all see the DVD and work through the exercises for themselves.” Mrs MacNiven

The First steps DVD is a fabulous product that gives a positive message to young people about what they have really accomplished and how to let others know.” Denise Molloy

“My students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss and develop their plans for the future. The workshop encouraged them to be thinking ahead about where they want to be and more importantly, how to get there.” Mrs Corp, Head of 6th Form and Theatre Studies – The Weald of Kent Grammar School

“The work that Alison did with our young people made a fundamental difference to their life chances and their ability to see a practical outcome to their studies.” David Lord, Vice Principal – Cornwallis Academy

“The students have shown improvement in their work since they started on the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. programme and I have only heard positive things”. Richard Haupt, Assistant Head Teacher – Angley School

“I thought that the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. programme was really good and has helped me a lot. Before I wouldn’t of had a clue what to do during an interview and would be very nervous but now I feel quite confident.” Stacey

“Alison is simply inspirational. She inspired me to think differently, challenge the norm and tread new ground. Her DVD tutorials are informed and involve the very young people she aims to support. Invaluable tool for writing CVs.” Rachel – Connexions

“Alison’s approach to a results orientated JOB ACADEMY programme is refreshing and inspiring. She has huge empathy to young people, taking time to get to know them as individuals and adapts the programme to their specific needs – whilst never losing focus in the end result of getting those young people in to work. The final results speak for themselves, with an 80% + placement rate you will struggle to find an equivalent programme. Young people on the programme struck lucky when they are accepted onto Job Academy and feedback from employers is positive and encouraging. The Job Academy model has a real future role in getting young people into work.” Rachel Wichall – Director of eDEN Garden Rooms Limited
“I recently had the privilege of work shadowing Alison and witnessed her working with a young person who was very unsure of his future direction and was very quiet.  I watched Alison turn the situation around with this young man being the proud owner of a new CV, a new sense of self and direction. Her ‘no time like the present’ attitude got this young person fired up and reminded us all just to go out and get it.  She has fantastic motivation and enthusiasm.” Melissa Wade, Student, MA Careers Guidance

“Alison is a creative, big picture Coach with a real passion for recruitment and helping young people on the first steps into employment. Truly inspirational.” Mark Anderson Next Generation Career Coach at KickStart Careers

“The best endorsement of Alison’s work comes from the young people she works with – happy atmosphere, smiling faces and engaging environment are a great recipe that makes learning.” Neville Gaunt – Founder Director of First Steps
“Alison is totally committed to developing people. She is a specialist in getting people to truly understand their transferable skills and to plan their career moves in a more meaningful and successful way.” Paul Andrews – CEO at