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14 year olds view on work experience

George is 14 and goes to Darrick Wood School in Orpington. He has already chosen geography, ICT, Business Studies and French for his GCSE options. He cwants to move into accounting or something related when he leaves school.

Here are George’s comments on work experience.

“I am doing work experience with my school next year, opposed to this year. For work experience next year, I’d like to work somewhere that provides placements in accounting as it is what I’d like to do, and I feel it would be benefit my later searching’s of work and jobs when I leave school.

When finding my placement, I intend on emailing and sending letters to various companies and employers to find out way in advance, if there would be any chance of them offering me a placement with them. I also think that at school there is either an officer, or advisor who helps locate pupils to their chosen placement on account of their interests and subject choices.

I currently have not got a CV prepared for work experience or future work as of yet, but intend to put one together when the time comes around. As I’ve never had to create a CV before, I would probably go to my sister or mum, as they have both had experience in creating CV’s- my mum working in an HR company and my sister just having applied for university and Saturday jobs.

To sell myself well when writing a CV I would list all my positive qualities such as being enthusiastic, hard-working, a quick learner, a good listener and a team player. I would list my hobbies and interests such as karate, riding my bike and being (a bit) of a film buff. I would also list my educational qualities such as the schools I have been to, the subjects I have studied with my achievements within them as well as my grades reived in them.”

Lily is 14, goes to Blackfen School for girls. These are Lily’s comments on work experience.

“At this moment in time I do not know when I will be doing work experience; myself and fellow students haven’t heard anything about it, but I know that the year above me are doing it in year 11 which is just after September, so I will most probably be doing it next year.

What sort of work placement do I want? Well I’m not 100% sure but I would have to try and get something I enjoy or I wouldn’t work well, I would lose concentration very easily. I’d like to get something to do with maybe media or photography, because I have done office work, just as a little summer job before, and I got distracted quickly!

I hope maybe to ask a family member to help me out getting work experience with them, or a friend so I could secure a placement with them. Currently I haven’t got my own CV because I don’t know how to do them myself, so I will work on one when I need it.

I have no idea how to create my own CV, so I would most probably ask for help on this, so whoever is knowledgeable at it can help me and guide me through it.

I think if CV’s didn’t exist then selling myself to an employer would be easier, because you can talk to the person face to face, but I can’t, so selling myself on a piece of paper is harder… I would start it off with what I have done before like office work etc., what things I enjoy doing, and other things that will hopefully come to mind when I am writing my own CV.

All in all I’m looking forward to work experience because it will give me an idea of what working is going to be like.”

How would you go about securing a work placement?

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